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11 Luxury kitchen trends for 2024

November 2023
Image 2023 12 08 T124444 909

As we head towards the end of 2023, now is the perfect time to start planning your 2024 kitchen project. In recent years, the main themes have seen inside-out and biophilic design taking centre stage. Now it’s all about earthy colours, gold accents, transparent storage solutions and porcelain as the material of choice Whether you’re planning a complete room revamp or an update to your existing scheme, knowing what trends are predicted for 2024 will help inspire the style, materials and palettes you choose to give your space the wow factor it deserves.

The overall theme for 2024’s interiors sees the kitchen becoming even more of a living space than before, with bold design choices throughout. To help you decide which look is for you, we’ve got the inside scoop on 11 key luxury kitchen trends for 2024, guaranteed to take your kitchen to the next level…

1 Porcelain Surfaces

Kitchen worktops, splashbacks and furniture cladding have previously focused on granite, quartz and marble. But as new innovations and advances in sustainability have meant that slabs of porcelain are richer and more design-led than ever before, it’s become the material of choice for the kitchens of 2024.

Available in a huge choice of colours, textures, sizes, finishes and patterns, porcelain has a similar look and feel of these former surface heroes but without the price tag and maintenance to match. Porcelain also offers many benefits as well as aesthetics – it’s waterproof, hygienic, durable, hardwearing, UV, stain and scratch resistant as well as easy to clean. With Laminam superior natural and sustainable surfaces, you can bring an authentic Italian look and feel into your kitchen for less.

3 27
1 34

2 Black Kitchens

Dark kitchens are big news for 2024 with black surfaces and splashbacks alongside additional dark elements such as stained or painted cabinetry for an opulent finish. This statement style can also be achieved with porcelain worksurfaces, which are easy to clean and care for so they won’t lose their lustrous sheen, giving your kitchen that high-end luxury look.

2 34

3 Sustainable Living

We’re all making more sustainable choices when it comes to the products we choose for our homes and this goes for the whole production process too. Brands and manufacturers who embrace an eco-friendly way of production, packaging and delivery will be highly sought after.

More of us will also be looking for natural materials for our kitchen and products that are safe to be recycled at the end of their life. Kitchens for 2024 will see a lot more recycled, upcycled and handcrafted pieces too.

Laminam is the perfect option when it comes to your kitchen surfaces, as porcelain is incredibly eco-friendly and has one of the lowest carbon footprints. Our surfaces contain up to 60% recycled materials while 100% of the water used is fed back into production with 95% raw waste recovered.

4 Well-being Space

Much like bathrooms, kitchens are set to become spaces for self-care and well-being. With the rise in healthy home cooking and biophilic design, this key trend will transform the kitchen into an area of calm, whether cooking, dining or entertaining. One way to achieve this is with design elements that bring a sense of the outside, in. This could be with plants and fresh herbs, an earthy colour palette or the use of natural materials such as porcelain.

4 16

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